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Join Us!  

In the TWELVE YEARS of hosting the 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event, we have had MANY gyms join us in our programming and charitable goals - in dozens of gyms around the United States, several locations in Canada, in France, in the Netherlands (, and in Brasil! (or should we say, 24 Heróis em 24 Horas!).  We have also worked with dozens of CrossFit gyms to help them to host their own 24 Hour event - as we have found what works really well in this sort of endurance event - from programming, rest, re-fueling, hydration, safety of our athletes both in the gym and out in the wild when on runs - and what doesn't.  

Please contact us via our Facebook event page or group at and let us know if you'd like to participate in 2024's event - or if you'd like information on how to host your own. 

We only ask that you DO NOT use our name or likeness for any FOR-PROFIT event.  The 24 Heroes in 24 Hours format and name are ONLY to be used for wholly charitable events.  

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